Yoga Mudras & Meanings

Emma Newlyn
Mudras are symbols or ‘gestures’ made with the hands or the whole body, practiced with the intention to change the practitioner’s energetic state. Used for thousands of years within yogic traditions and many other cultures, mudras represent a certain intention or specific elemental energy, and are often prescribed for healing and meditation. When combined with a mantra or meditation practice, mudras can help enhance the practice and aid in helping change the energetic state of the practitioner. When used alone throughout the day, they serve as a valuable tool to focus the mind influence thoughts, decisions and actions, ultimately aiding in cultivating a healthier, more harmonious mind and body.

This first mini book of mudras and meanings explores both ancient and modern concepts relating to these mystical symbols, offering a deeper insight into their original intention and the story behind them. You’ll also discover ways of practicing the mudras to bring more harmony and happiness into your life, and inspiration for deepening your own yoga journey.

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An accessible and insightful guide to some of the most fascinating mudras used throughout yogic practice. This first mini book shows how mudras are used throughout many different cultures, and offers ways of including mudras in yoga and meditation practices. Ideal for yoga students and teachers.

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25 pages
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