Yoga Timeline

Emma Newlyn

For yoga students and practitioners....

The history of yoga is rich and vibrant, much like the land it was born in. Steeped in mystery, ritual and spiritual exploration, this ancient tradition of mind-body unity is now a multi-billion-dollar industry, bringing together people from all walks of life to benefit from the physical, mental and energetic aspects of the practice.

Knowing a little about the background and trajectory of yoga is helpful when it comes to realising how yoga ‘fits in’ alongside the rest of history, and how different historical events (man’s ability to create fire, or the Beatles’ journey to India) have shaped the way East and West view yoga today.

This timeline picks out just a few key points from thousands of years of human development, revealing how interconnected yoga is with the rest of the world and humanity itself. Use this timeline as a way to start discovering how yoga began, and where it could go next….

Ideal for yoga teacher training manuals, workshop materials and personal study.  

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A yoga timeline, including key points in yogic history and cultural development that helped shape the practice we know of today. Ideal for yoga teacher trainings, workshop materials and personal study.

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